Fake reality, Easy as 1 2 3 ?

In todays world most of our friend we ‘catch up with’ by texting and viewing their online persona. Everyone online persona is curated we all know this but we still strive for the lives of others base on their online presence. The question is just how easy is it to not just curate but create pure fiction to represent us on our online persona. This reminded me of a relatively recent episode of Lucifer where they come across someone who appears to have the perfect exciting life but then the reveal capture in my remediation :

This shows how easy it is to fake the online persona with a simple camera cut. This lead me to think how far can you go with developing an online persona of fiction. This lead me back to 2006 where for 4 months Lonelygirl15 was ‘blogging’ about her life but it was all actually a scripted show. This shows just how easy it is to create an manipulate the online persona. read more about lonelygirl15 here and here

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