Control vs the collective

The network society paradigm is the process of moving from a centralised to decentralised network in the way we communicate and gather information.

This process happened with the internet as shown below:

away with control

This is a process i have discussed in part before here:

During this process the pre-establish controllers always try to grasp back for control. But when the internet is a machine for making more internet we live in a place where it is impossible for it to be combatted because there is no one controller on the internet. It is a network anyone can add to and take from both giving and receiving information.

The new distributed network means that information can iterate faster and progress quicker without the limitations of the controller applied. Memes are the perfect example of this because every second there are thousands of new meme iterations created and distributed across the network on the internet to everyone which would not be possible if there was only one controller.



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