When the when doesn’t matter

Society moves towards liquid labour and free information accessible to all via the internet. This shift means it matter less and less when something is done for a company and it doesn’t need to be done on a 9 to 5 time frame in an office anymore. With our increasing ability to communicate effectively in real time over the internet and work from home to anywhere in the world is leading to what is call liquid labour. Liquid labour exists in the non space of the internet and the free information it provides.

This meme below i have created to explain this phenomenon:

How to be Professional

This meme capture the fact that 38% of people say they are more comfortable working from home and it leads to things like this which also links back to your online persona and how you present yourself on the internet being able to hugely distort reality. As i have discussed here: http://jaz.zguy.com/?p=185.


This brings into question the need for traditional jobs and highlights our shift to freelance and casual work.

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