How to keep citizens safe online – Week 11

how to use your phone by the US government

The dark web is an anonymised internet by use of proxied connections to create untraceable anonymous communicate throughout the internet. This leads to all sorts of opportunity for good and bad to happen and has leads to things such as wiki-leaks and other not so good things like the fact Australia has the 2nd highest per capita rate of dark web drug dealers world wide.

now to my remediation this internet is untraceable and allows for people to go access things governments and other companies probably don’t want you looking if they hack or exploit there way into your system with no trace but as is the internet now have a copy of all your data. This leads to things such as finding that the us government despite promises to companies to report fund security flaws to be fixed kept list and ways to access secure files and devices through exploits that could be executed by anyone, they are not just government only keys.

the dark web is a large unknown to most people what do you know of it?

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