Pitching the synchronised Lasso


My DA will be useful for those that like watching Ted Lasso and those that don’t yet know they will like Ted Lasso and my content can provide a gateway into Ted Lasso for new fans of Ted Lasso.

Problems Solved:

  • Providing extra content for those craving more Ted Lasso content then 1 episode a week
  • Gateway to the next episode reminding viewers of previous episode story points
  • Creates ongoing engagement for me with Ted Lasso
    • especially providing a solution to me and some of my friends memory issue when watching the new episodes of Ted Lasso
  • Improves my editing skills on my laptop (previously used a desktop pc which I do not currently have physical access to)


Pagey is a YouTube channel that makes this type of content for DC tv shows as discussed in the pitch video above. While he also makes content based on set photos as these shows are filmed while episodes are airing his other episodic synchronous content such as trailer breakdowns and episode reviews.

Starting with content similar to his episode reviews leaving the option for more FIST content with Ted Lasso trailers if they are also well received.

I also sent out a twitter poll to #bcm114 and YouTube was the strong winner for this content but I am still leaving options open after seeing how the content does on YouTube.

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