Beta now then n/ever?

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So here we are checking back in with the beta progress of my DA.

I have gotten into to a decent rhythm and despite a couple setback due to limitations from a mostly filler episode and an episode taking place at a funeral which I couldn’t make notes on for various reasons I think my DA is improving with every post.

So lets look at the more in depth reasons for my iterations.

thumbnail changes:

My first thumbnail was borne from necessity as I finished the video late and published rapidly, so going into my second and 3rd posts I tried to provide a more professional video but notice a huge drop off in impressions compared to expected.

-this is not including the huge surge in impressions my first video got by somehow ending up on peoples home page ect labeled as “browse features” by YouTube-

so in my last post I went back to a picture much close to the first and have received 4x the impressions of the last two video although this could also be link to the scheduling changes I implemented.

Scheduling changes:

As discussed in my video the large US viewership of my videos was apparent so this change was added and as just discussed I believed help contribute to the video receiving more external from my core group views.

This change while doesn’t really advance towards my main goal helps me understand YouTube posting strategies and proficiency.

Video Chapters:

Adding video chapters was a direct response to a conversation with one of my friends who watches my video before the new episodes of Ted Lasso. however, it has also helped provide more key words to be potential traffic sources for my video outside my core group.

Achieving my goals?

Utility for friends:

  • I believe that I have succeeded in creating good content fulfilling the needs me and my friends first talked about with us having watched Ted Lasso in a binge setting but now needing reminders with the weekly release schedule of Ted Lasso seaon 2.

Utility for the Ted lasso Fan:

  • I also believe this is become more and more successful with each post as I provide more refined content and can see what parts of my video people watch and there is now more content for Ted Lasso fans that isn’t just clips from episodes available for them to watch

Utility for me:

  • Learning to edit on my laptop has been slowly improving and I also am definitely getting faster so in that regard it’s a success
  • learning YouTube posting skills has also been successful as I have been slowly targeting and improving different metrics although i’m yet to understand why one of my videos randomly got prompted to the algorithm shown to almost 8k people and watched 800 times

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