Reflecting on reflections

An update to where my BCM114 Digital Artefact (DA – an online public facing project for the subject) is at and how the subject is shaping its progression.

At the start of the session heading back to some first year subjects was a bit of a shock to the system and remembering how to do/chose a DA was a bit of a shock to the system after it had been awhile. However I quickly settled on wanting to do something based on an activity I was already doing I worked out I would be quite busy throughout the session.

This led me to Ted lasso a show I am watching that weekly ‘airs’ episodes if you can call it that on Apple TV Plus.

This show follows Ted who is now coaching a football club (FC Richmond in England) coming from a background of only American football.

as I dragged my heels as to what this would/could actually look like and tripping up on the utility of the DA again this made me think it wouldn’t work.

However Sir Unicorn (Richard my tutor for bcm114) graciously encouraged my idea despite my somewhat hesitant attitude and made a plan for how this DA can help me and others.

since I have refined this even more as I realise this DA is to help me. So now my goal is for my DA to help my friends before they watch each episode and be fine if they are the only ones who watch it and secondly to help me improve my editing skills on my laptop now I can’t edit on my gaming pc now I am not in the same country as it.

if you look closely at this you might notice the time and the fact that it is dark everywhere except my laptop screen. This is a result of me being even more time strapped than I thought I would be. This and looking at travis’ tweet reminding us to work in our own means.

so now I am focusing on only doing episode before you watches and doing them as well as I can.

So effectively where I am at now:

  • My DA is on Ted Lasso and help me and my friends and that’s okay
  • I am not focusing on ‘big growth’ or being viral
  • I hope to up skill myself
  • portable work is even more necessary then I thought it would be eg: with not know I was going to Sicily till like 2 days before which was after just being somewhere else
  • focus on a single element and everything else is bonus

feel free to watch my DA, here is a playlist of my before you watch episodes:

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