Peer Review (Pitch 2 Comments BCM302)

Ben Floyd


Hi Ben,

Good development and progress on your pitch, I also appreciated the name drop in the latest episode. It’s good to see you have been experimenting with a few different ways of presenting your podcast. your second podcast was definitely better framed from video consumption. In regards to wind sounds in your last video i would recommend borrowing an external mic/audio recorder from the university to help increase audio quality. (you can borrow mics that are very directional ‘shotgun mics’ or ones with covers to reduce wind noises)

I would recommend continuing to slice up the podcasts into smaller segments and either use them as teasers for a new podcast or to try and bring in new listeners and direct them back to your full podcast in-between full podcast releases.

I again encourage you to see what other audio/podcast platforms you can easily add your existing content too.

I like the change up in the titles to try an intrigue and draw new audiences based on the content discussed in your podcasts. Also don’t be afraid of shameless self plugging to help up those viewing numbers as your podcast content is definitely relevant to the majority of your existing social groups/contacts. I also encourage the searching and finding of people will to be interviewed from different demographics/life stages.


Emma Pazarkoski


Hi Emma,

It’s good to see your progress and development of your original idea. I think it is good that you are trying to branch out and get different subjects for your photography. It is good to see you actioning some of the plans you had in your pitch and adapting you way you do other things such as your stories to show some of your videography work. As you have another personal instagram account I would recommend tagging yourself in your photography instagram account to try and harness some of that existing audience.

I encourage the creation of this as a tool you can take from uni with you as a portfolio of your photography work. I will suggest that as you don’t want to change  what/who you are photographing to fit the current ‘instagram aesthetic’ that you might think about choosing 3 (or a multiple of 3) of the same type of image so you can have grouped rows of similar photos to show the multiple ways/skills you have in a single type of photography. An example of where you have done this is the first 3 images on your photography instagram.(the 3 up close portraits).

BCM 302 Project Beta – Try Try again

Try Try again



Project B update:

I have been to some of the classes they teach robotics and one of their all in FRC team meetings. Looks like good potential to make advertising videos aimed at the facebook mum target and then some instagram content aimed at  kids in the age of the FRC team to help promote and develop extra involvement in the FRC team and the classes they teach to help self fund themselves. Although i am awaiting a reply and as soon as i return from uni games will further enquire how we can progress this DA.


Seven Plays

So for my other project I am working on streaming and sharing just me playing games like I normally would but with a webcam directed at my keyboard and mouse like you saw in the pitch video. I have had quite the fail lots before actually getting any content released. Initially streaming with the PC i use to game just didn’t work so i got a capture card but then i needed a USB 3 card and to find its drivers. Once that was all working and i had the webcam plugged in and Elgato streaming program setup was looking good. But when i went to stream i was sending about 1 frame every 30 seconds to twitch which is not a stream. Spent time trouble shooting and worked out it was our internet provider giving us only 4 mbps up instead of 40 causing the problems.

I have finally got it working and started messaging some designer on fiver to help work on my graphics for me, i now have content to start adding to other locations but will be away from the next week in Queensland for uni games so my streaming and content creation should homely kick into gear after that break and i can use the break to set up other streaming accounts like mixer and finalise graphics to to many locations as soon as i return.

Peer Review (Pitch 1 Comments BCM302)

Ben Floyd


Hi Ben,

I like the concept of a podcast based on overcoming personal relatable struggles in life.  I think this should integrate well with the current mix of content on your youtube channel. I also really think the shorter form factor ‘highlights’ from you podcast will work quite well on youtube.

Current podcast stats tell us 52% of podcasts are listened to on apple podcasts 19% on Spotify, 4.6% stitcher and the remaining 21% on other platforms including youtube.(link) This makes me want to recommend you looking into uploading your full form podcast in audio only form to some of these other podcast platforms to increase the reach of your content. I think this will help a lot of your potential audiences listen to your podcast as most times people encounter podcasts they want to have the running in the background which can be difficult on youtube without youtube Red.

I think That you can harness this content in a few more ways then you have suggested by posting small snippets of your podcast on twitter potentially of where the guest or yourself talks about the issue they are about to explain how they overcame. This should act as a bit of lure to come listen to your podcast as people like to have answers to questions they have heard/been asked.

Overall i really like your idea and with good placement and promotion I think you can go far with it. I would also challenge you to try and harness your snapchat to potentially add to your listeners in a non standard way.


Emma Pazarkoski


Hi Emma,

Instagram something almost everyone has and has more and more people hopping on the bandwagon every day. It’s good to see you already have some established content on your page as a starting point for your DA. Your clear purpose of both presenting work and creating something beautiful because the works individually are. I also encourage the stepping out of your comfort zone to ask people if they don’t mind you taking a photo to help you diversify some of your content and gather content more consistent.

It seems like your portrait shots get the most interactions on your instagram page currently and i think it would be worth seeing if this has anything to do with the use of tagging people, hashtags or timing.

A couple things I would recommend on instagram to make your posts harder for people browsing to just scroll past is always the use of square or portrait images to maximise the screen space your post will take up in someone’s instagram. Also I would recommend only putting one or 2 hashtags in the description of your images and putting up to 30 on the image as a comment so your post still appears with those hashtags but people don’t have to scroll past the hashtags.


BCM302 Project Pitch

Projects overview:

Project B:

help increase quality of video production for youtube + facebook, through the use of premier. this will aid an increase in professional feel.

More professional feel through consistent branding and style on all platforms, go to their meetings and some classes they run to help improve their skills record content and produce content for them.

With this experience i hope to increase my skills in branding and targeting.



I will twitch stream using a camera pointed at my keyboard and mouse as a ‘facecam’ replacement on the stream to differentiate my content from everyone else. This should especially differentiate my content as I only have 7 fingers in total. I will take highlight games and upload them to a youtube channel and highlight plays and put them on instagram.

I hope this will also help me towards my future in advertising by brand creation and targeting specific people that may be interested.