BCM 302 Project Beta – Try Try again

Try Try again



Project B update:

I have been to some of the classes they teach robotics and one of their all in FRC team meetings. Looks like good potential to make advertising videos aimed at the facebook mum target and then some instagram content aimed at  kids in the age of the FRC team to help promote and develop extra involvement in the FRC team and the classes they teach to help self fund themselves. Although i am awaiting a reply and as soon as i return from uni games will further enquire how we can progress this DA.


Seven Plays


So for my other project I am working on streaming and sharing just me playing games like I normally would but with a webcam directed at my keyboard and mouse like you saw in the pitch video. I have had quite the fail lots before actually getting any content released. Initially streaming with the PC i use to game just didn’t work so i got a capture card but then i needed a USB 3 card and to find its drivers. Once that was all working and i had the webcam plugged in and Elgato streaming program setup was looking good. But when i went to stream i was sending about 1 frame every 30 seconds to twitch which is not a stream. Spent time trouble shooting and worked out it was our internet provider giving us only 4 mbps up instead of 40 causing the problems.

I have finally got it working and started messaging some designer on fiver to help work on my graphics for me, i now have content to start adding to other locations but will be away from the next week in Queensland for uni games so my streaming and content creation should homely kick into gear after that break and i can use the break to set up other streaming accounts like mixer and finalise graphics to restream.io to many locations as soon as i return.

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