Fake reality, Easy as 1 2 3 ?

In todays world most of our friend we ‘catch up with’ by texting and viewing their online persona. Everyone online persona is curated we all know this but we still strive for the lives of others base on their online presence. The question is just how easy is it to not just curate but create pure fiction to represent us on our online persona. This reminded me of a relatively recent episode of Lucifer where they come across someone who appears to have the perfect exciting life but then the reveal capture in my remediation :

This shows how easy it is to fake the online persona with a simple camera cut. This lead me to think how far can you go with developing an online persona of fiction. This lead me back to 2006 where for 4 months Lonelygirl15 was ‘blogging’ about her life but it was all actually a scripted show. This shows just how easy it is to create an manipulate the online persona. read more about lonelygirl15 here and here

Permission to meme ?

This week I was introduced to the ABC program called Troll play, Let’s just say it was not that great. Also this week in a lecture we looked at the permission and control methods large companies try to use to control the flow of media and reuse of their content. As far as i understand as far as something is considered transformative in nature online websites won’t pull down your content so i remixed the one almost redeemable part of troll play into a short 36 second remix on soundcloud entitled ‘you are a funny woman’:

I did this since the abc is highly protective of what content they consider to be theirs and i would much rather listen to my 36 seconds 41.5 times straight then listen to the 24 minutes 54 seconds the episode of troll play i listened to is. I also am using it to point out how you can create something completely different and original from others content that they should have no right to stop you or own that content.


My Transmedia Story

This week looking at the huge blockbusters of the transmedia industry such as Marvel and Starwars which are huge blockbuster productions across all media got me looking at smaller transmedia stories that are around us every day. As we interact with the world if people aren’t putting themselves across multiple platforms we are confused and dazed. Especially me and my peers that are currently studying Communications and media at UOW it is assumes that everyone have multiple media presences. But even not in that circle everyone expects that you have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, youtube (to watch not necessarily create) at the bare minimum.  So i created this simple remediation of some of my own:

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I think this remediation showcases how the current transmedia world  we live in requires not just what we see and create to be transmedia but also for us to be transmedia people otherwise society will leave you behind uninformed and unnoticed.



Is copyright limiting the power of the meme machine ?

firstly a look at the interaction in-between traditional copyright laws and the age of the internet.

Copyright says that everything unless specifically stated is covered by copyright protection and permission must be acquired to use something that someone else has created if it retains identifiable features. The exception to this is creative commons licence which generally require the attribution of the original creator but you can use it for any purpose you want.

So how does the world of internet memes which are copies of copies of copies and the internet which is fundamentally at its core the process of copying and replicating itself to be accessed.

Meme creation on the internet ignores all copyright laws and just uses whatever content they want to meme and remix it in the process of meme creation. If copyright applied to memes the meme machine would stop working properly which leads to my imager remediation showing off what copyright on the internet looks like/could cause.

MEME  strong or copyright infringement?


Are we in The Meme Wars ?

This week I was challenged to look further into the memes and whether they had some ‘greater purpose’ for existing and whether memetic warfare was happen and if it was, was it work?

so after looking around and seeing even politicians using memes to try and disseminate their opinions like Clive Palmer who seems to only post memes now. So in response some people create memes that try and spread the opposite message. I believe this to be memetic warfare in action.

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You look at this remediation and depending on where you sit politically probably have a different response. Now that i have highlight the fact these memes are trying to desalinate messages for someones benefit in the ‘Meme Wars’ do you consciously decide that certain ones of these memes ‘aren’t funny’ because you decided they disagree with your opinion but if i had just showed you the memes would you have had a good time and laughed at some old guy making and getting memed?

The power of the collective – Resistance is futile?

The power of the collective internet is a strong thing and has been for a long time now. This article from 2010 shows us how much the internet can do when it feels it has been wronged, how easy it is to do and do while being entirely anonymous. I was reminded of this when i was shown this it reminds me  that when you have many people like the internet does through reddit or 4chan (the two most common instigation places for this) there is not much that can be done to stop it.

This remediation hopes to show this is a lighthearted linking 7 of 9 to the ‘old powers’ such as huge companies and governments who now are accountable to the power of the collective.



While i take a lighthearted look at this it is important to recognise the emense impact this can have in shaping our future in a world where if the majority feels wronged by someone/something the power of the many can be used to change it for the better or the worse?

Power of editing

With the ease of remediation and modification with the internet everything we  view has been edited in one way or another whether it is a meme that has words changed and mixed or we are looking at a full movie scale production with hundreds of specific cuts and added sounds. So I wanted to have a look at whether the simple addition of sound could completely change the impression a piece of media gives.

So I created a remix of a real battlefield drone footage and the same footage with the battlefield 1 game trailer sounds which i think highlights the power of simple edits:

This drastically goes from a raw feeling look into what is happening to a piece that looks constructed despite most of the music not being in sync with anything but the fact there are cuts in the video and base dramatic music makes the footage almost trivialised.

The ease of craft



This is a part of a small video I took on my iPhone out of the window of a plane flight i was on recently. I used Photomosh to turn it into a gif then used lunapic to loop it then headed pack to photomask then giphy to create the below image.


This entire process leading to a heavily edited infinite loop took about 5 min of work with the internet. This type of craft use to take days 10 years ago and  few hours just a couple years ago. This increase in speed of create time for digital craft exponentially increases the rate at which the internet can iterate and turn things from pretty boring photos that we have a seen before to something that has a unique aesthetic.

This new iterative speed of the internet calls into question the established design processes with many iterations completable before 1 traditionally.

Should we abandon traditional process? or is there some value in its methods?

Why is the medium the message?

Thinking about what Travis was telling us about how the medium is the message pretty much makes sense. When you think about how you already have preconceived ideas about the validity and relevance of messages based on what medium is used to present them.


But the question is really why is the medium the message?

Is it because we add our on biases to each medium of presentation based on our past experiences with that medium? In this case the message that is being contributed by the medium is different for every person.

Does that make sense or do we all naturally ‘know’ through some unwritten laws what each medium is supposed to tell us as part of the message it is portraying?

Basically where i am left is acceptance that the medium is the message but unsure about what exactly that can mean.

Digital Artefact possible projects

For BCM112 we get to create a online presence and content.


I want to create something with a professional style.

some of the things I thought that I could do are:

game and game hardware review youtube channel – a would i buy again series based on technology I own.

Judo videos

my life/ athletic progress Instagram and FB page

drone and cinematic videography clips


youtube videos

would i buy again based on new/emerging tech i have access too