The power of the collective – Resistance is futile?

The power of the collective internet is a strong thing and has been for a long time now. This article from 2010 shows us how much the internet can do when it feels it has been wronged, how easy it is to do and do while being entirely anonymous. I was reminded of this when i was shown this it reminds me  that when you have many people like the internet does through reddit or 4chan (the two most common instigation places for this) there is not much that can be done to stop it.

This remediation hopes to show this is a lighthearted linking 7 of 9 to the ‘old powers’ such as huge companies and governments who now are accountable to the power of the collective.



While i take a lighthearted look at this it is important to recognise the emense impact this can have in shaping our future in a world where if the majority feels wronged by someone/something the power of the many can be used to change it for the better or the worse?

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