Are we in The Meme Wars ?

This week I was challenged to look further into the memes and whether they had some ‘greater purpose’ for existing and whether memetic warfare was happen and if it was, was it work?

so after looking around and seeing even politicians using memes to try and disseminate their opinions like Clive Palmer who seems to only post memes now. So in response some people create memes that try and spread the opposite message. I believe this to be memetic warfare in action.

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You look at this remediation and depending on where you sit politically probably have a different response. Now that i have highlight the fact these memes are trying to desalinate messages for someones benefit in the ‘Meme Wars’ do you consciously decide that certain ones of these memes ‘aren’t funny’ because you decided they disagree with your opinion but if i had just showed you the memes would you have had a good time and laughed at some old guy making and getting memed?

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