Prototyping a better project, aiming for a better me. success?

Hello again here we are to reflect on what I’ve been up to since we last checked in in a more reflective way.

If you’ve just joined me I have been working on a series of videos creating synchronous content for Ted Lasso viewers.

In BCM114 this session we have looked at Ideating which is discussed here in my previous reflective blog post. Since we moved on to Prototyping which is the main focus on this timeframe we are looking at and we move into the process of using both of these in making before the end of the subject and into the future.

The biggest learnings from this part of the project is the act of breaking and remaking.

These two concepts go quite well hand in hand and holistically the two are the process of looking at our ideas / creations challenging our assumptions and why we are doing things then trying again with adjusted assumptions and changed models. The key facts to remember in this stage is that just because a model worked in the past does not guarantee future success and in a similar vein to remember the world is changing by how we and other interact with it so by merely creating a model the world changes.

While I had quite a few different learning moments and changes to my DA the best example of these concepts was with the thumbnail for my videos.

talk about the thumbnail and challenged the idea I had that it needed to look professional.

The first thumbnail was born of me being tired at 1 am overseas at a training camp and needed to get something done and is literally just a farm YouTube grabbed from the video.

while this thumbnail on the next few videos I thought was better and more professional and closer to what I want to replicate in a completed product.

However it turn out that this type of thumbnail was less likely to be clicked on by those viewing it. this made me remember that I should be challenging my preconceived ideas. As while This type of thumbnail had worked best fro previous DA projects it shows the world is not one size fits all or simple and keeps changing and I think thats indicated well with what I ended up with make thumbnails like hereafter.

this thumbnail is a combination of the previous ones combining the most effective elements of previous iterations and will currently be the same moving forward. But if I have learned anything from this experience is even in my 5th year at university I need to remember the basics and that I have the perfect model for everything and sometimes the unexpected is what solves your problems.

This is also greatly indicated by the fact suddenly my initial DA video in this series suddenly started to get recommended by YouTube and currently sits at just over 850 views compared to between 5-30 on my other videos for this DA project.

Thanks for reading along feel free to check out my series of videos or drop a comment and let me know what you think.

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