Is copyright limiting the power of the meme machine ?

firstly a look at the interaction in-between traditional copyright laws and the age of the internet.

Copyright says that everything unless specifically stated is covered by copyright protection and permission must be acquired to use something that someone else has created if it retains identifiable features. The exception to this is creative commons licence which generally require the attribution of the original creator but you can use it for any purpose you want.

So how does the world of internet memes which are copies of copies of copies and the internet which is fundamentally at its core the process of copying and replicating itself to be accessed.

Meme creation on the internet ignores all copyright laws and just uses whatever content they want to meme and remix it in the process of meme creation. If copyright applied to memes the meme machine would stop working properly which leads to my imager remediation showing off what copyright on the internet looks like/could cause.

MEME  strong or copyright infringement?


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