The ease of craft



This is a part of a small video I took on my iPhone out of the window of a plane flight i was on recently. I used Photomosh to turn it into a gif then used lunapic to loop it then headed pack to photomask then giphy to create the below image.


This entire process leading to a heavily edited infinite loop took about 5 min of work with the internet. This type of craft use to take days 10 years ago and  few hours just a couple years ago. This increase in speed of create time for digital craft exponentially increases the rate at which the internet can iterate and turn things from pretty boring photos that we have a seen before to something that has a unique aesthetic.

This new iterative speed of the internet calls into question the established design processes with many iterations completable before 1 traditionally.

Should we abandon traditional process? or is there some value in its methods?

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