Peer Review (Pitch 2 Comments BCM302)

Ben Floyd


Hi Ben,

Good development and progress on your pitch, I also appreciated the name drop in the latest episode. It’s good to see you have been experimenting with a few different ways of presenting your podcast. your second podcast was definitely better framed from video consumption. In regards to wind sounds in your last video i would recommend borrowing an external mic/audio recorder from the university to help increase audio quality. (you can borrow mics that are very directional ‘shotgun mics’ or ones with covers to reduce wind noises)

I would recommend continuing to slice up the podcasts into smaller segments and either use them as teasers for a new podcast or to try and bring in new listeners and direct them back to your full podcast in-between full podcast releases.

I again encourage you to see what other audio/podcast platforms you can easily add your existing content too.

I like the change up in the titles to try an intrigue and draw new audiences based on the content discussed in your podcasts. Also don’t be afraid of shameless self plugging to help up those viewing numbers as your podcast content is definitely relevant to the majority of your existing social groups/contacts. I also encourage the searching and finding of people will to be interviewed from different demographics/life stages.


Emma Pazarkoski


Hi Emma,

It’s good to see your progress and development of your original idea. I think it is good that you are trying to branch out and get different subjects for your photography. It is good to see you actioning some of the plans you had in your pitch and adapting you way you do other things such as your stories to show some of your videography work. As you have another personal instagram account I would recommend tagging yourself in your photography instagram account to try and harness some of that existing audience.

I encourage the creation of this as a tool you can take from uni with you as a portfolio of your photography work. I will suggest that as you don’t want to change  what/who you are photographing to fit the current ‘instagram aesthetic’ that you might think about choosing 3 (or a multiple of 3) of the same type of image so you can have grouped rows of similar photos to show the multiple ways/skills you have in a single type of photography. An example of where you have done this is the first 3 images on your photography instagram.(the 3 up close portraits).

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