EctoTalk -BCM214 DA


EctoTalk is the idea pitched by the group I was in called Musk’s Memers. This idea heavily indexed into the ideas of the shared economy and globalisation. The goal of EctoTalk was to help to facilitate the continual homogenisation of cultures. It is an innovative use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology that doesn’t just try to expand or integrate smart phone technology further into everyday life. Instead EctoTalk uses AR technology with Augmented Sound Recognition (ASR) to create a new way of communication.

I think this is a very innovative way to look at AR technology which is predicted to be the next big thing in the technology space. This new way of using AR technology like EctoTalk can provide large amounts of social utility. This social utility comes from multi language speakers and limited hearing users. Those that are speaking between languages can use EctoTalk as the intermediary instead of the need for a translator as is provides live subtitles to the user in their own language and can speak back the users words into the language that they are being spoken to in. For deaf and hard of hearing people who use EctoTalk it helps them be more spatially aware of what around them and interact with people using EctoTalk as their voice and read the live subtitles of what is being said to them. This creates opportunity for integration of these people into situations they would otherwise be unable to contribute in without someone who can sign or the use of writing.


I believe this innovation will also help integrate with the digital economy. EctoTalk will do this by innovating the way in which AR technology is used and harnessed. It provides a new way to look at how AR technology can be used to do more than just be a new fancy smart watch type accessory for your smart phone. This type of innovation helps prompt others to find new innovative way to use and improve this technology. This in turn will also help the shared economy with better designs for everyone.


EctoTalk you could say is is partially derivative of a google translate. Except this is nothing new under the sun , which many people have said (originally King Solomon of Israel, Ecclesiastes 1:9)  and is now just an expression which shows how we just iterate ideas and improve efficiency of ideas with innovation not really create anything new. EctoTalk does this both improving the efficiency and ease of use of this type of technology and innovating how it can be used.

I created this style of DA advertisement for the EctoTalk following the industry standard short style ads thats tease then reveal and quick fire some tech specs of the product of to gain interest. This suits EctoTalk because it is an innovative new tech product. This video provides some hint as to EctoTalks potential but generally serves to show off the products design more than be an informative PSA about EctoTalk.



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