The worlds nerves

This week I have created a meme based on the changing climate and world view bending effect of technology through the way it has revolutionised our communication.

The worlds nerves

This remediation was created to highlight the massive dynamic introduced by new technology moving from ships to telegraphs and now the internet to transport information globally. It has not only drastically changed the speed of our communication is has changed the way we communicate, the way we speak and our understanding of the world no longer as separated exclusive groups based on location but now you can communicate, work with, buy from, share ideas, be friends with and much more with anyone anywhere globally. This dynamic change has created ‘the internet’ something most of don’t go 10 minutes without accessing. It has changed what we need to know because why would i remember that if i can jut google it. This huge dynamic shift in the way we communicate as collective member of the internet access the world is truly worth of the mind blowing meme.

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  1. I think the internet created the dynamic more so than the dynamic created the internet. The internet acts as a medium for discussion, and allows us to communicate with each other on multiple platforms. Newspapers give us information, but they don’t allow us to communicate with other people about that content. Similarly, consider the possibility that instead of the internet limiting our need for memory and active recollection, it actively limits our memory span with our reliance on it. Perhaps another example of media outlets controlling our thinking?

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