Internet, Internet everywhere – Week 12

The Internet of Things (IOT) refers to when everyday objects are connected to the internet to increase their functionality. For example why get a doorbell that just makes a ringing sound when you can get a doorbell with motion sensors auto recording and can be answer from your phone anywhere:

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The number of internet connected devices actually surpassed the number of humans way back in 2008, thats 10 years ago and is on track for 50 billion devices by 2020. These devices are small little changes that can seamlessly work together to provide you easy of use. For example i can simple say ‘hey siri turn on the living room lights’ and the living room lights turn on due to my hue light globes. Also yes if you’re wondering i do have a ring doorbell and it is great especially when everyone is away you can answer the door or just look and see who is at your door to check everything is all g.

What do you think of the IoT, do you buy in?


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