The original hacktivists – Week 10

Hope you just appreciated that….

This week my remediation shows the first form tool Hacktivists used on people phones systems that they were trying to disrupt. This is almost like the original DOS (Denial of Service) attack available. now days DDOS is more know about and easier to stop from happening. But there are many other non rudimentary tools used by hacker and hacktivists to raise awareness about issues and help stop those doing the wrong moral thing in the eyes of the collective moral conscience of the internet. Everything digital and encrypted is not truly untouchable as shown by the ‘unbreakable’ enigma machine and we all know how that went. while things like encryption drastically increase security they has to be a way to decrypt it so therefore it is not perfectly safe.

Digital resistance to those in control can be simple things such as using vpn to block all useful information about browsing from being provided to you ISP or quite serious and involve large scale organised hacks from groups such as anonymous.

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